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Grasshopper Farms

Brand Identity


Research, Creative Direction, Pitch, Logo Concepts, Typography, Color Theory, Design, Touchpoints, Assets Management, Style Guide, Brand Writing

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Grasshopper Farms is an agriculture startup in the Cannabis industry. Its founder and CEO, Will Bowden, along with a family-like team of local Michigan farmers are passionate about providing a premium product to the Michigan community. The dream: grow quality cannabis in the sun, sustainably and locally.  

Conversations with Will were my source of inspiration in developing an identity for Grasshopper Farms. Listening, capturing, and empathizing with Will's desires, motivations, and joys around farming and Cannabis were vital. Qualitative research felt like an easy and inspiring conversation with a friend and helped to quickly shape a thoughtful process. 

My biggest challenges were budget and reach. The organization wanted to keep the fundraising efforts at low to no cost and among its current stakeholders. I decided an organic social media campaign would inspire current followers and allies to give and additionally create an opportunity to easily share content and grow the social media following. 


In studying the program's social media audience, I discovered the majority of its reach is families, colleagues, and community supporters. With a goal to get people to give, my strategy was to considered reasons that would keep them from giving.


From my list of reasons, I chose to structure my strategy around the possibility that people may not give because the monetary ask or the need itself may seem too big for them to have an impact. Leading potential givers to feel like their contribution couldn't make a difference.


Grandmothers, neighbors, students—I wanted everyone to feel like they could do something big with something small. I wanted people to feel like they could make an impact even if they gave just one square foot. Truly, this would be a community effort.

Every square foot of WAYM was already activated with education, engaging discussion, mentorship, cohorts, and workforce development. My strategy became a quest to inspire people to give a square with a storytelling approach.

giveasquare insta.jpg

I captured photography and video of the program in action. Using the empty square mark I designed as an overlay worked to draw focus and bring cohesiveness across all the digital assets as they were posted on multiple platforms episodically.

Together with the team at WAYM, we implemented a fun and engaging giving structure on their Network for Good platform. With the click of a link, anyone could give. The levels of giving offered contributors the options to give per square foot. A contribution as small as $35 would give a square foot, supporting the idea that even just one square foot makes an impact.


Including the youth of the program in the campaign was important in making this a community effort. Their excitement and participation nurtured a spirit of community and ultimately pride as they began to see the goals being met. Each cohort agreed on a square foot goal to raise and was supplied with customizable, branded campaign cards printed in-house to distribute to family, teachers, and friends.  

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 2.34.38 PM.png

Throughout the branding and design process, I was purposeful to create flexible assets. It was important that the square mark itself could function as a campaign logo, break apart and animate, hold the organization's logo for profile image use, and overlay any media content we post.

give a square assets_logomark
give a square grow a community campaign
give a square assets_waym square 170x170
give a square assets_WA deconstructed sq

“Thanks to the generous support of over 160 donors, we exceeded our giving goal.
The expansion saw a record-breaking enrollment of youth, hosted and strengthen ties between our video, photography, photojournalism, and design cohorts, increased opportunities for cross-discipline collaborations, and introduce new media disciplines. The Give A Square campaign truly grew a community of aspiring media makers.”


-WAYM Marketing and Communications Team

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